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 Nagaraj Srinivasan
Nagaraj Srinivasan
VP Technology
Halliburton Landmark Software & Services
 Troy Christensen
Troy Christensen
Exploration and Production Data Director
A top 5 oil and gas integrated firm
 Jon Ludwig
Jon Ludwig
Director of Information Management & Architecture, Exploration & Production
Hess Corporation
 Jeffrey Dyk
Jeffrey Dyk
Upstream Professionals

Driving Exploration and Production Efficiency Through Harmonized Data

The Oil and Gas industry, a sector known for its rapid adoption and ability to adapt to challenges of  the digital age, is entering a new generation of digital transformation. As assets yields become harder to access and even harder to forecast, it is imperative that your organization is collecting and maintaining its data efficiently.

As companies take in petabytes of data daily, it is the ability to understand analytics trends, correctly interpret all geological, engineering, production and equipment data performance data quickly and efficiently that ensure success. The ability to access and draw rich insights from your data sets is at the heart of profitability in this industry and in an industry where your success relies on how quickly you can forecast potential and keeping costs low to actualize that success; you can’t afford to get lost in datasets.

The reality is the global energy industry is running out of “easy oil” and the challenges in exploration and production are cutting into the profitability of the industry as a whole. The good news is studies show that a gradual shift to a data and technology-driven oilfield is expected to tap into 125 billion barrels of oil, equal to the current estimated reserve of Iraq. This trend will affect the 20,000 companies that are associated with the oil business, and in order to remain ahead of the game, almost all of them needs data analytics to integrate technology throughout the oil and gas lifecycle.

Other studies have shown that the oil and gas industry has experienced substantial growth in unconventional resources markets. This increase in focus has not only brought on greater competition for assets, but a smaller margin for error. With projects demanding more expensive drilling and production technology and profound changes in government regulations and commodities, companies need to exercise operational prudence and strategic foresight to ensure success.

Big Data IQ's Big Data Analytics for Oil and Gas Forum is designed to connect you with not only the best solutions and practices for the major challenges you face every day, but to drive the discussion among your peers to allow you to position yourself for the challenges of tomorrow.

You already have the data—and the volume and variety of the data is growing exponentially. Unlock the value of the information that you have aggregated and translate data into profit.

Big Data Analytics for Oil & Gas will equip you with the ability to:

  • Utilize operational data to drive proactive E&P decision-making that will reduce cost and improve recovery rate
  • Inject confidence in your decision-making by capitalizing on data science to statistically predict producibility in a quick and cost-efficient manner
  • Best practices for integration over wide variety of large data set
  • Increase productivity and efficiency across all major business units through the best practices for data harmonization
  • And much more…

This event will provide solutions that reflect the challenges the industry is facing through research with our audience—You. In addition, the conference is the perfect setting for industry professionals to network, benchmark and innovate through the tailor-made networking opportunity. Be ahead of the trends and join us this October!

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